Adapted from: J. Leuthold, et al. 49(5), Optics and Photonics News, 2013

Adapted from: J. Leuthold, et al. 49(5), Optics and Photonics News, 2013

On March 28th at the Centre Pompidou, during the STARTS Residencies Days, ChipAI together with Matthew Biederman won a STARTS Artistic Residency - the Mark II spiking perceptron.

The STARTS Residencies programme aims to support and fund artistic residencies that bring original artistic contributions to technology-based projects. During each STARTS Residency, a Tech Project collaborates with an Artist, leading to the creation of an original artwork, and the development of the innovative aspects of the tech research. A grant is awarded to the Artist of each STARTS Residency as a contribution to their involvement in the residencies programme.

The main goal of the Artistic Residency is to establish a long-standing connection between emerging light and artificial intelligence technologies developed in ChipAI and the general public by means of art. The proposed activities aim at discovering new ways to perceive light-based and AI-related disruptive technologies by the general audience by pursuing the following key objectives:

1. Design and creation of multifunctional products, while using ChipAI’s laboratory material samples and proof-of-concept prototypes as sources of inspiration;

2. Considering the societal challenges of creating sustainable and energy-efficient artificial intelligence technologies, activities engaging public with this emerging field of science and technology, or even the creation of a significant public dissemination of project’s activities may be explored by the artist.

Matthew Biederman will gain access to the INL facilities and will have the possibility to interact with the international multidisciplinary research community at the INl facilities, have access to open databases, computer codes, image and digital data sets, as well as tools, material samples and proof-of-concept prototypes.